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             浙江創業電子有限公司始創于1995年,位于享有“中國電器之都”、“中國電子元器件產業基地”、 “國家精密模具制造基地”等美譽的溫州地區樂清市;公司已建廠房30000平方米?,F公司下屬有” 香港創業科技有限公司”。 

              本公司是一家集研發、 制造、銷售各類通信設備和小家電的開關、插座的企業。公司產品先后取得        等國際認證。生產產品有百余品種,近千規格,主要有XW系列船型開關、線上開關、旋轉開關、 負載開關、 SP系列電源插座、 KW系列叉簧開關、微動開關,CY系列輕觸開關、SK系列撥動開關、CY系列鈕子開關、 按鈕開關、A系列保險絲管座等產品。

             公司宗旨“創新的技術,優良的品質,優越的性價比,優質的服務,良好的信譽,齊全的品種”發展理念,堅守“顧客第一,服務至 上”的營銷戰略。愿與廣大國內外客戶一起攜手 ,共創發展大業。  

          Zhejiang Chuangye Electronics Co., Ltd., founded in 1995, is located in Yueqing City, Wenzhou, which enjoys the reputation of "China's electrical capital", "China's electronic component industry base", "national precision mold manufacturing base" and so on; The company has built 30000 square meters of factory buildings. The company now has "Hong Kong Venture Technology Co., Ltd.".

          The company is specialized in the development, production and sale of all kinds of communication devices, as well as switches and sockets in small appliances. The company has the international certification of             . Its products have hundreds of varieties and thousands of specifications, including XW series rocker switch, line switch, rotary switch, load switch, SP series power socket, KW series hook switch, micro switch, CY series tact switch, SK series toggle switch, CY series button switch and A series fuse holder.

          Company tenet: Innovative technology, excellent quality,good performance, good service, Good credit,  complete variety!




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